The Seers & Dreamers Gathering is a training, activation, and impartation for seers and prophets, prophetic dreamers, discerners, those who are prophetically gifted and also those who are just curious.

When prophetic people gather in community, there is a tangible prophetic synergy that takes place. There is an increase of the anointing, an increase of spiritual happenings and prophetic accuracy.

You’ll find yourself amongst friends, people just like you who are learning, training, and being activated to be everything God has called them to be. We believe God launches ministries in settings like these and anticipate a powerful experience together.

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Healing Testimony

by Simone ~ Online Attendee

“My hip, lower back, and (more recently) severe sciatica in my left leg were healed Friday night after attending the Seers & Dreamers gathering online. My leg pain significantly improved as the conference progressed on Saturday. It's been three days and I have no leg pain and more hip and lower back mobility than I've had in two years. There is also no lower back or hip pain.