Welcome to Excellence in the Supernatural Online 

GLOBAL Mentorship August 2024 - July 2025  


We believe you will agree that this online mentorship group is quite different from a lot of what is available online today. It is much more than a couple of sessions a month. 

The option to ask questions and get to know other members in the mentorship through the private Facebook group means you are not alone.

Jennifer is active in the Facebook group during the week to ask & answer questions, make comments, and see how everyone is getting along with the teachings.

She has Facebook LIVES as well to provide additional teaching moments.

She looks forward to meeting you in person when possible at other conferences where she is speaking, along with making time to meet and greet the group at the onsite events held periodically at Harvest Church in Turlock, CA.

*This is a twelve-month mentorship with two 90-minute LIVE and/or pre-recorded sessions per month that includes teaching notes and an optional quiz.

*The session times may vary throughout the year due to daylight savings time. If any future calendar date or time change is needed you will always be notified in advance.


An invitation to join two 90-minute sessions per month from August 2024 to July 2025.

Private Facebook group for discussion and connection.

Opportunities in the private Facebook group based on the session topics.

Occasional Facebook lives from Jennifer Eivaz inside the Facebook group.

MP3’s available to download for each session.

Online evangelism opportunities.

Online small groups with interns.

Mentee only meetings held occasionally at Harvest Church in Turlock CA.

Topics Include:

  1. Understanding the Supernatural Realm: Exploring the nature of the supernatural realm, including angels, spiritual warfare, and divine encounters.

  2. Activating Spiritual Gifts: Equipping individuals to identify, develop, and operate in their spiritual gifts, such as prophecy, healing, discernment, and tongues.

  3. Prayer and Intercession: Teaching effective prayer strategies, intercessory prayer principles, and cultivating a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy with God.

  4. Healing and Deliverance Ministry: Providing training on healing ministry, inner healing, deliverance, and facilitating encounters with God's healing power.

  5. Prophetic Ministry: Guidance on prophetic hearing, discernment, and interpretation, as well as ethical considerations and accountability in prophetic ministry.

  6. Kingdom Entrepreneurship: Empowering individuals to integrate their faith into business and entrepreneurship, stewarding resources for Kingdom impact, and seeking supernatural wisdom in decision-making.

  7. Leadership and Ministry Development: Offering insights into effective leadership principles, vision casting, team building, and nurturing a culture of honor and excellence in ministry.

  8. Relational Maturity: Addressing personal growth, character development, emotional healing, and interpersonal maturity in Christ.

  9. Navigating Spiritual Seasons: Providing wisdom and encouragement for navigating seasons of transition, wilderness experiences, and spiritual warfare.

  10. Living in Kingdom Authority: Empowering believers to walk in their identity as sons and daughters of God, exercising authority in Christ, and living victoriously in every area of life.

  11. Cultivating Revival Culture: Inspiring a hunger for revival, teaching revival history, principles of revival culture, and how to steward revival fire in personal and corporate settings. 

Calendar Dates

🇺🇸USA                                    🇦🇺AUS

Tuesday                                Wednesday

5pm-6:30pm PDT              10-11:30am  AEST 

2024                                  2024

AUG 13 + 27                   AUG 14 + 28

SEPT 17 + 24                  SEPT 18 + 25

OCT 15 + 22                    OCT 16 + 23

NOV 12 + 19                    NOV 13 + 20

DEC 10 + 17                    DEC 11 + 18


2025                                  2025

JAN 14 + 28                    JAN 15 + 29

FEB 11 + 25                    FEB 12 + 26

MAR 4 + 11                     MAR 5 + 12

APR 8 + 22                      APR  9 + 23

MAY 13 + 27                    MAY 14 + 28

JUNE 10 + 24                  JUNE 11 + 25

JULY 8 + 22                     JULY 8 + 22


*One-time introductory payment of just $399.00 AUD (Price to increase on May 1st, 2024).

*12 monthly payment plan $40.00 AUD per month. (Price to increase on May 1st, 2024).

Pricing options

One time payment price of $399.00 AUD or 12 monthly payments of $40.00 AUD. (*includes GST) - NO REFUNDS available for this course.