The Australian/New Zealand Prophetic Company is a community of Holy Spirit filled believers dedicated to hearing and seeing the voice of God.
  • Our purpose is to fulfill Christ’s great commission with a supernatural edge.
  • We are committed to encourage and lift the Body of Christ. 
  • We value community, wisdom, supernatural expression, and Holy Spirit encounter.
  • Prophetic Culture and Community
  • The Seven-Fold Spirit of God 
  • The Prophetic Intercessor
  • The Prophetic Writer
  • The Prophetic Psalmist
  • The Prophetic Dreamer
  • Prophetic and Heart Healthy
  • Pitfalls in the Prophetic
  • And More...

  • An invitation to join two 75 minute LIVE sessions per month from March 2022 - February 2023.
  • LIVE sessions will have notes, a voluntary quiz, and offer a link to post questions beforehand. 
  • Private Facebook group for discussion and connection.
  • Practice opportunities in the private Facebook group based on the session topics.
  • Occasional guest ministers and additional lives from Jennifer Eivaz inside the Facebook group.
  • Occasional discussions on Clubhouse.
  • MP3’s available to download for each session.
  • Discounted price to attend in-person Australian Seers & Prophets Institute in February 2023.

The Australian prophetic company began as a test-flight community in 2021 and is now forming its first annual commitment. Online equipping sessions are Thursdays 9-10:15am AEST with replays available according to the following schedule:

Price is $267 (includes GST) 

Pricing options - Price include GST.

This course is STRICTLY non refundable once course has commenced.