A dreams and visions interpretation and activation online course with Jennifer Eivaz and guest Tamara McNair Hicks.

🇦🇺AUS/NZ 🇳🇿: October 26,  November 2, and November 9. 2021 from 10-11:15am (EAST - NSW time zone) 

Session 1: Introduction to Dreams and Visions

In this session, you’ll learn the biblical framework for dreams and visions. You’ll learn to identify the visions you are already having but have missed. You’ll learn keys to awaken your dream life at night and how to capture important information from God to direct your life.


Session 2: (with Tamara McNair Hicks): Understanding and Interpreting Dream Symbols, Allegories, and Similes. In this session, you’ll learn metaphorical thinking and how to biblically interpret the myriad of metaphors and symbols that appear in your visions and dreams at night. 


Session 3: Awaken the Dreamscape 

In this session, you’ll learn how to awaken the geographical landscape to the realm of visions and dreams thus resulting in a continuous corporate experience. This will also create an atmosphere conducive for salvations, deliverance, and healing through dreams in unbelievers and those in need. This is an advanced topic. 



⭐️ Private FB group for discussion about dreams and connection

⭐️ MP3’s available to download for each session

⭐️ Each session comes with notes for you to utilize

⭐️ You will have opportunities to share your dreams within a private FB group for Dream Interpretation from our coaches. 

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